Setup in seconds, and if you 'Bookmark' the calculator page your computer will remember your settings. You then have your own personalised position size calculator always ready and waiting for you. Then only choose your trading pair from the drop down menu, in the red box, to get instant and accurate position size for any stop loss.

Once you're setup you only need to select your trading pair in the red box!

Put it in your 'Favourites' bar and it takes just one click to open the page, two clicks to select your trading pair, and you can instantly read your lot size off the chart - 3 clicks, 3 seconds, and dead accurate!


View the calculator here.

'EASY LOT CALCULATOR' provides instant readings for all possible combinations of all the major trading currencies, AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD, and it also does CNH, and HKD.

Currency exchange rates are selected and inserted into formulae in the background. The chart instantly updates to any changed input.

You need never be left behind again!

Once you have your setup/order in place on MT4, you can hover your cursor over the stop loss line and the MT4 platform will show your stop value, and distance, for confirmation.