This is the first, and probably only, lot size calculator that uses a chart to show lot size for any given stop loss. Unlike other calculators that require multiple inputs for every calculation, 'EASY LOT CALCULATOR' shows lot sizes for all stop loss sizes from 5 - 1,000 pips. The chart is interactive and responds instantly to any changed input.

The 'EASY LOT CALCULATOR' is so quick and easy to use. You don't even have to enter your stop loss pips - you simply read your lot size off the chart. This allows speed and accuracy when the market is dynamic and 'on the move'.

Watch the video - it couldn’t be easier!


If you want to be professional then money management is absolutely critical, and calculating your lot sizes quickly and accurately is vital.

You will never have to work out your lot size again.


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'EASY LOT CALCULATOR' provides instant readings for all possible combinations of all the major trading currencies, AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, and USD.

Setup in seconds, then only change the counter currency to get instant and accurate position size for any stop loss. It makes no difference whether you are trading USDCHF, EURCHF, or GBPCHF. Your capital currency is buying or selling the counter currency (second half of pair). The lot size is determined by the CHF.

‘You only need enter the last 3 letters of your pair from the drop-down menu in the red box!

Currency exchange rates are selected automatically and inserted into formulae in the background.

Seconds count when the market is moving quickly and 'EASY LOT CALCULATOR' provides a real advantage during these market conditions. You need never be left behind again

It's all explained in the video - it's dead easy!

Once you have used 'EASY LOT CALCULATOR' you will never go back.